Art & Design Exhibition Spaces Coming to a Campus Near You

College of Southern Nevada

By Jordan HelmThose part of CSN’s Fine Art Department, including the art and art-history program, will have a chance to show their works to students and faculty alike at the CSN Student Art & Design Exhibition spaces. CSN Student Art & Design Exhibitions spaces are going to give an opportunity to showcase high-quality work that […]

Scholarship Music Concert

College of Southern Nevada

By Rodrigo Vazquez CSN’s Department of Fine Arts began its musical-performance series for the 2012-2013 academic year with the Music Scholarship Concert. The evening began with an introduction by department chair Dr. Richard McGee, who gave a brief history of the Joe Williams Music Scholarship Fund. The concert held at the Nicholas J. Horn Theatre […]

Bus Provides Cheaper Travel for Students

By Thomas Shafer Taking the bus has proven to be an effective way for students to get to school, especially for those without a vehicle. It’s an affordable option for transportation, but it can take hours to get to CSN, depending on location, and that can be hard for many. CSN student Max Porsche rides […]


By Sallyann Ficarrotta Atheism has a stigma. Some believe Atheism is like Satanism. No, they don’t hate God, they don’t worship the devil, they just don’t believe in either. People don’t realize that being judgmental of others’ religions or lack of religions is as bad as being prejudiced about their races, classes, genders, or sexualities. […]

Voters Sick of Mudslinging

By Ricardo Torres Political parties push their agendas to fool the public and advance their way into power. The media is flooded with attack ads as Democrats and Republicans mudsling as the election draws near. Professor William Davis, political science expert at CSN, explains that over the last 50 years, people have become less interested […]

CSN Baseball Revitalized by Coach Garritano

By Fabiola Marzano Baseball at the College of Southern Nevada has a history of training players to go pro. In 2010, Bryce Harper, an outfielder, was the number-one draft pick who went pro with Washington Nationals. In the past, CSN baseball team advanced to the Junior College World Series and saw nine players drafted, according […]

A Funny Little Thing About Fisher

College of Southern Nevada

By Alexsis Neuman “Absolutely hilarious!” CSN student Shelley Fisher can make people laugh. “Comedy is like a puppy, it chooses you. When you think so differently than the rest of the world you need a crutch for that process of assimilation and analogy, so you blame it on and take it out on comedy. Or […]

Eating at Russell’s

College of Southern Nevada

By Jordan Helm Russell’s Restaurant opened to the public last Tuesday offering student-made meals with student servers. Part of what makes Russell’s Restaurant a success is the culinary students that are led by Chef John Metcalfe. Generally, there are 16 students who work in the kitchen. It’s a fast-paced environment where students learn to properly […]

CAPS Offers Students Support

By Douglas Farra Students with substance abuse problems can find help on our College campuses. Lisa Schapiro, a licensed marriage and family therapist who works for CSN’s Counseling & Psychological Services, provides confidential individual, couples, and group therapy. CAPS offers support groups that offer crisis-intervention counseling. This may be helpful to students with substance abuse […]

Dr. Boyer’s Antivenom for Deadly Scorpion Stings

By Sallyann Ficarrotta The first FDA-approved drug for killer scorpion stings was developed in Latin America by Dr. Leslie Boyer, from the University of Arizona, and Dr. Alagón, from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Their 12-year collaboration achieved a monumental medical breakthrough resulting in an antivenom for scorpion stings called Anascorp. There are many […]