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College of Southern Nevada

Russell’s menu

By Jordan Helm

Russell’s Restaurant opened to the public last Tuesday offering student-made meals with student servers.

Part of what makes Russell’s Restaurant a success is the culinary students that are led by Chef John Metcalfe.

Generally, there are 16 students who work in the kitchen. It’s a fast-paced environment where students learn to properly manage time, and also prepare, portion, and cook food. They also work at different stations to learn aspects on running a restaurant.

The ingredients prepared at Russell’s Restaurant come in fresh and are served the day they arrive.

Russell’s Restaurant dining area led by the Director of Food and Beverage Management Joseph Quagliano provide students an opportunity to work front of the house.

“Working with the students is a joy,” Quagliano said. He enjoys their enthusiasm and interest for the profession.

Student server Matthew Handleman finds the culinary program at Russell “Eye opening!”

Fellow server Aishishi commented that he often changes majors but really loves what he does at Russell’s.

The goal behind Russell’s Restaurant is to get students ready to work and compete for great jobs in the industry. Russell’s Restaurant is the combined effort of the culinary, hotel, casino, and restaurant departments all with one thing in mind: hospitality.

Russell’s offers a choice of soup, salad, one entree, one dessert and a beverage for $7.95 per person. The menu changes every week. On Tuesday and Thursdays it offers Aromatics. On Wednesday it offers French Cuisine. On Friday it offers American Regional Cuisine. This creates a fresh and diverse menu so every visit to Russell’s Restaurant is a new experience. A cappuccino can top off a meal.

Russell’s Restaurant is located at CSN’s Cheyenne Campus in room 1606. Stop by for a meal.

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