Congresspersons Horsford and Edwards Discussed Gender Inequality in Pay

By Courtney Nixon Congressman Steven Horsford and Congresswoman Donna Edwards hosted an event at College of Southern Nevada to bring light to women issues including inequity in pay that still exists across the nation. “When women succeed, America succeeds,” repeated Horsford throughout the event held at Cheyenne campus on April 16. Women should be equal […]

CSN Mobile App, Resources at Your Fingertips

By Courtney Nixon Did you know you can check your grades on your smartphone? College of Southern Nevada’s mobile application, recently launched to increase connectivity with students, provides quick resources. “Approximately 55 percent of Americans have smartphones,” says Dr. Darren Divine, CSN vice president of academic affairs, “a figure which is rapidly growing by about […]

Have a Chat at the International Coffee House

By Courtney Nixon Enjoy a cultural experience each Friday morning at the College of Southern Nevada while practicing foreign languages at the International Coffee House. Airi Naito, CSN student from Japan who helps run these events, comes to the International Coffee House for language immersion to perfect her English, learn Spanish and Portuguese. “Last year […]