Strength Training Improves Body and Mind

By Ronnie Gonzalez Strength and weight training improve fitness, physique and frame of mind. Strength training is physical exercise that uses resistance, such as weights and bands, to induce muscular contractions to build strength, aerobic endurance and increase bone and muscle mass. “Whether you yank on suspension bands, pull stretchy rubber tubes, heft a bulbous […]

Summer’s Approaching, Limit Suntanning

By Ronnie Gonzalez Sun rays on the skin feels so good but students overlook their risks for skin cancer in exchange for bronze-colored skin. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, people who first use tanning beds before the age of 35 increase their risks of melanoma by 75 percent. Melanoma cancer is a deadly form […]

Students Feel the ‘Bern’

By Sierra Akana, Carlie Cass, Fernando Lopez Duran, Ronnie Gonzalez, Harrison Howard, Loren Honea, Christopher Kilkenny, Ericka Lemus, Anthony MulHolland, Agnes Ndaba, Roxi Sepulveda and Tamara Tindugan. College of Southern Nevada students shared their presidential candidate preferences in a recent poll. In an informal in-person poll conducted March 30 on Cheyenne campus, 112 students were […]