CSN is First Hispanic Serving Institution in Nevada

By Yessica Casias College of Southern Nevada has a multicultural and diverse student body. Recently CSN met the 25 percent threshold of Hispanic students that warranted a new designation for the College: Hispanic Serving Institution. “CSN is the most diverse institution in the state with more Hispanic students, more low-income students and more first-generation students […]

Beware of Identity Theft This Holiday Season

By Yessica Casias Holiday shopping is in full gear and identity theft is happening. Students should be aware of the threats and use precautions to protect personal data. According to the United States Department of Justice identity theft or identity fraud are crimes in which someone wrongfully obtains and uses another person’s private data in […]

Photographer Casey Jade: Her Passions and Her Business

By Yessica Casias Casey “Jade” Levine, a photography student at the College of Southern Nevada, enjoys living life through the lens. Levine speaks about what captures her attention as a photographer. “I love sunsets. I love beautiful landscapes. I am very interested in abandoned things and graveyards, oddly enough. I love people with depth in their […]

What is it like to be an Astronaut?

By Yessica Casias Imagine traveling beyond the parameters of planet Earth into a universe filled with unknowns. Astronauts get to do this. College of Southern Nevada’s show called “Astronaut” playing through Oct. 25 at The Planetarium gives a glimpse into this life. CSN’s Planetarium Manager Andrew Kerr gives an overview of “Astronaut”. “[It] is a […]

Soccer Stadium Would Draw 50% of Students to Games

By Yessica Casias, Evan Combs, Ashlee Godwin, Aesha Jones, H. Patrick Lombardo, Stephanie Lyte and Ashley Virnoche Fans of World Cup are likely to scream “Goal” if the professional soccer stadium is built in Downtown Las Vegas. In a recent poll of 204 College of Southern Nevada students, 50 percent said they would attend a […]