Free to Be Herself

By Tamara Tindugan Coming out was a freeing experience for College of Southern Nevada English Professor Patricia Vazquez. When Vazquez was a young girl she considered herself a tomboy and was interested in things most girls her age were not. She flourished in her fantasy life of worldly travels and art. “I would post all kinds of pictures of where I wanted to go: Greece, France, Italy and Machu … [Read More...]


Jabbawockeez Hip-Hop Dancer Studies by Day and Performs by Night

By Christopher Kilkenny Justin Emanuel, College of Southern Nevada student, performs in the hit show “Jreamz Journey Within” performing at MGM Grand on the Strip. The hip-hop dance crew Jabbawockeez, best-known for winning the first season of America’s Best Dance Crew, performs weekly. Many know these dancers by the white masks they wear on stage. “Jreamz” opened November 2015 and still … [Read More...]


10,000-Mile Journey Across Europe

By Christopher Kilkenny Lester Tanaka wanted to share a piece of his past in his lecture on campus “Postcards from Abroad: Zen and the Art of Bicycle Touring 10,000 Miles Later.” Tanaka, a College of Southern Nevada professor, came up with an incredible idea many years ago while working at the YMCA in Higashi-Osaka, Japan. He wanted to bike across Europe. He got the idea from taking kids from … [Read More...]



Human Trafficking: The Modern-Day Slavery

By Roxi Sepulveda Human trafficking is a new form of modern-day slavery that affects millions in the world. According to Polaris Project, which works to ensure that the U.S. government prioritizes efforts to eradicate all forms of human trafficking and protect victims, “Human trafficking is a form of modern slavery—a multi-billion dollar criminal industry that […]


Class on Immigration Demystified Current Laws

By Fernando Lopez Duran Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada, a non-profit law firm, partnered with College of Southern Nevada to present information on pathways to citizenship during a free immigration class held on campus. Luis Trujillo, CSN student, said he attended the class to learn more about his current immigration status and to inquire […]


Women’s Conference Shed Light on Dark Issues

By Roxi Sepulveda Status of Women Conference at College of Southern Nevada focused on issues women face. Intimate-partner violence, lack of criminal-justice support and human-trafficking atrocities were topics of discussion. Women shared their stories in hopes of inspiring students to take action. The event was hosted by the Women’s Alliance, a campus organization dedicated to […]


PAL Humane Society Makes a Difference

By Loren Honea PAL Humane Society saves animals from shelters and places them into loving homes. College of Southern Nevada students recently volunteered at PAL. Through CSN Serves, a service-learning component of Student Life and Leadership Development, students dedicated time on March 25 to help. “Volunteering is extremely important because we are affected by our […]



Short-Term Classes: Risk and Reward

By Anthony MulHolland College of Southern Nevada has an abundance of short-term classes for students to take year round, if they dare. “If their goal is to graduate in two years, those are the perfect classes to take,” said Ryan Robb, advising … [Read More...]


Persistence Pays Off

By Christopher Kilkenny Persistence is an important attribute for students to have as they pursue their college education. The quality that allows someone to continue doing something even though it is difficult is the definition of persistence. As … [Read More...]


Video Game Play can Affect GPA

By Ericka Lemus Many students play video games for dozens of hours per week. In some cases game play can affect GPA. Some of the most popular action video games on the market include: “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt,” “Destiny: The Taken King,” “Call of … [Read More...]


DACA Students Face Challenges When Paying for College

By Fernando Lopez Duran College students with DACA cannot receive federal-financial aid to pay for school but they can apply for certain scholarships. DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. It was an executive order by President … [Read More...]

Science & Technology


Planets and Stars Make for Spectacular Shows

By Anthony Mulholland College of Southern Nevada’s Cheyenne campus is home to one of two planetariums in the State. It requires a hefty investment to bring in shows and equipment but the students and community benefit from it. “I enjoy letting people find out about our solar system and the universe and the kinds of […]



Our Baseball Players Go Pro

By Harrison Howard Several baseball players from College of Southern Nevada were drafted by major league teams. Head Baseball Coach Nick Garritano had 12 players drafted during the five years he’s led the Coyotes. Bryce Harper, outfielder for CSN in 2010, was notably one of the most successful … [Read More...]


Coyote Baseball’s Offense Leading 2016 Playoff Charge

By Harrison Howard College of Southern Nevada's baseball team has its most productive offense since the 2010 Bryce Harper season. “We always try to find a steady balance throughout our lineup,” CSN's Head Baseball Coach Nick Garritano said. The team’s players can hit. “The intriguing thing with … [Read More...]


Softball New Head Coach Leads Team’s Transformation

By Harrison Howard New Interim Head-Softball Coach Amanda Montalto takes over team in hopes of heading to Nationals. Montalto, formerly the assistant coach of the College of Southern Nevada’s softball program, was elevated to her new position because of her winning past. She was a former … [Read More...]



Spring Season is in Full Bloom

By Carlie Cass Springtime allergies, in particular hay fever, can make people feel terrible this time of year. According to the Mayo Clinic, “Hay fever, also called allergic rhinitis, causes … [Read More...]


Stress Affects Students’ Health

By Loren Honea Students’ stress levels are on the rise as the semester comes to an end. There are three types of stress: acute, episodic acute and chronic stress, according to the American … [Read More...]


Sleep is not a Luxury but a Necessity

By Ericka Lemus Recent on-campus poll proves many students sleep less than six hours a night. In an in-person in-formal poll conducted on April 18 at College of Southern Nevada’s Cheyenne campus, 50 … [Read More...]


Eat Well to Ace Finals

By Agnes Ndaba Students who eat rich diets in vegetables and fruits see their cognitive abilities flourish as they take final exams. “The best food to eat is food closest to its original form such … [Read More...]


College Students: Know Your Status

By Tania Diaz Students who are sexually active should get tested for sexually transmitted diseases. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, young adults ages 15 to 24 only make … [Read More...]


Strength Training Improves Body and Mind

By Ronnie Gonzalez Strength and weight training improve fitness, physique and frame of mind. Strength training is physical exercise that uses resistance, such as weights and bands, to induce … [Read More...]


Energy Drinks: Delicious but Can be Dangerous

By Sierra Akana College students are consuming energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster Energy to increase their productivity. The benefits of added energy is helpful but the issues from … [Read More...]


Summer’s Approaching, Limit Suntanning

By Ronnie Gonzalez Sun rays on the skin feels so good but students overlook their risks for skin cancer in exchange for bronze-colored skin. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, people who first … [Read More...]


Red Cross Blood Drive

By Roxi Sepulveda Being a superhero does not just mean donning a cape and battling crime, blood donors are heroes because they truly save lives, especially those with rare blood types. On Tuesday, … [Read More...]



Easter Brings in the Bunnies and Billions

By Carlie Cass Easter is commercialized like many other holidays. Consumers spend billions buying crafty and colorful retail products and food … [Read More...]

Art & Entertainment


Art Exhibit ‘Comedie’: Not so Much about Comedy

By Sierra Akana Shelby Shadwell’s exhibit “Comedie” at the College of Southern Nevada attempts to explore his greatest fears. Shadwell is an unusual artist who transforms canvasses with charcoal … [Read More...]


Lack of Women Behind-the-Scenes in Hollywood Films

By Tamara Tindugan Mostly men work behind the camera as creators of Hollywood films. The recent Nevada Women’s Film Festival shed light on this disparity. Ultimately the gender inequality that exists … [Read More...]


‘Front Yard Zoo’ Exhibit Makes Statement on Society

By Ericka Lemus “Front Yard Zoo: Controlling Nature” is an art exhibit that addresses the nature of people who buy plastic lawn ornaments of animals to display in their yards instead of simply … [Read More...]


Student Saw Literary Criticism Published in Toyon Magazine

By Loren Honea English major at College of Southern Nevada Alejandra Muneton-Carrera finally saw her dream of getting published come true with her analysis of William Faulkner’s short … [Read More...]

empty theater interior

Budget Cut Forces Cancellation of Spring Play

By Tania Diaz College of Southern Nevada’s performing arts department was forced to cancel “Our Country’s Good” due to budget cuts. CSN’s President Michael Richards sent an email to faculty stating … [Read More...]

_MG_8896 (C)

“Wallflowers” Exhibition Displays Ephemeral Flora at Fine Arts Gallery

By Sierra Akana Jill Parisi’s “Wallflowers” exhibition made its debut this semester at College of Southern Nevada’s Fine Arts Gallery. Parisi’s art combines a variety of color, complex patterns and … [Read More...]




By Fernando Lopez Duran Young voters are turning to social media to become informed on candidates and their stances on issues. “Studies show that traditional-aged college students get their information from a variety of online sources rather than through television news,” said Don Mirjanian, … [Read More...]


Students Feel the ‘Bern’

By Sierra Akana, Carlie Cass, Fernando Lopez Duran, Ronnie Gonzalez, Harrison Howard, Loren Honea, Christopher Kilkenny, Ericka Lemus, Anthony MulHolland, Agnes Ndaba, Roxi Sepulveda and Tamara Tindugan. College of Southern Nevada students shared their presidential candidate preferences in a recent … [Read More...]


Actress America Ferrera Mobilizes Latino Vote

By Soni Brown Under a large American flag Emmy Awards-winning actress America Ferrera encouraged College of Southern Nevada Latinos to use their votes to revolutionize politics in the United States. Ferrera was key-note speaker at the Voto Latino event held on CSN’s Cheyenne campus Feb. 11. The … [Read More...]


Bernie Sanders Addressed Serious Issues at Rally

By Ariel T Rodriguez Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders stirred the crowd at his recent North Las Vegas rally at Cheyenne Sports Complex near campus. Sanders is serving his second term in the U.S. Senate after winning re-election in 2012. His previous 16 years in Congress made him … [Read More...]



Club on Campus Advocates Safe Sex

By Agnes Ndaba Gender and Sexuality Alliance, a student club on campus, plans to distribute safe-sex kits. GSA is a club aimed at providing socialization, support and advocacy for students who are … [Read More...]




By Ashlee Godwin People are consumed by media today. Technology is sophisticated and students spend a lot of their time engaging with screens creating some benefits but causing some problems. Research shows that adults spend more time engrossed in screens than working full-time jobs. “Over … [Read More...]

evan 2

Get Upwards of 50% off Food, Clothes and Entertainment with Student ID

By Evan Combs Get discounts on food, rent, shows, movies and services by getting a College of Southern Nevada student ID. The discount program can save students money. “In just six days of having a student ID, I think I’ve saved over $25 with all the food discounts that they offer,” says CSN … [Read More...]