Why Wait in Line, CoyoteQ Can Save You Time

DSC00140 8By Paulina Carrillo

CoyoteQ is a new virtual system implemented at College of Southern Nevada that enables students to get in line for services by logging in to hold their spots rather than standing in line.

The Q allows students to reserve a spot for many services: registrar, financial aid, testing center, cashier, disability resource center, re-entry, career services and advising. Veterans’ affairs and international student services are only offered through the Q at Charleston campus.

There are kiosks on campus for students to log in. Additionally students can opt to use their cell phones or computers to download the app and access the Q.

“For students who haven’t used the system, I would say to download the app on the phone,” says Stephanie Sanchez, student at CSN. “I find it easier that way to sign in to whatever line you are waiting for instead of waiting at the kiosk.”

Another option is to text into the system. Students can use their phones to sign in using text commands. Commands include the following replies: “L” to leave CoyoteQ, “S” for status update, “M” for more time, “H” for help, “W” to switch, which is used to switch from text to voice call updates, and “N#” to tell CoyoteQ when to send an alert.

According to CoyoteQ’s webpage, once students are signed in they will receive communications from the system on their phones or computers.

“CoyoteQ will send you a personalized text alert or phone call when it’s your turn to see a staff member on campus,” according to the site.

The Q will inform students of estimated wait times and allow students to ask for more time if needed.

CoyoteQ commenced fall 2015.

Beverly Flores, who works at Charleston campus’ information desk and switchboard, mentions that when CoyoteQ first started it was very chaotic. There were lots of calls and questions regarding the new system; the information desk was seeing lots of students. Flores says students are now accepting it.

“The new system makes things easier,” says Mel Velazquez, CSN student and worker at the Testing Center at Cheyenne campus.

Velazquez explains that before CoyoteQ was installed, during peak periods such as the beginning of the new semester, the lines at CSN were very long. Students were trying to pay for classes, taking placement tests or seeing counselors. The wait was long and students had to stand in line to make sure they got what they needed. For many, it was time consuming.

“It’s a lot better than before when we had the long lines and clusters of people waiting to be seen,” Velazquez says. “A lot of students still don’t know about it, so we have to explain the new procedure.”

“I couldn’t stand it at the beginning, but I learned to accept it,” Flores says. “CoyoteQ is something new; it is very user friendly, even for the elderly.”

CoyoteQ opens each day at 8:00 a.m. It closes weekends and holidays. Students must arrive on campus no later than 30 minutes prior to closing at the end of each business day regardless of estimated wait time given by the CoyoteQ system.

For additional information visit http://www.csn.edu/coyoteq/.

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