Meaningful Return for Artists in “Ground Zero” Exhibit

20151012_093720By Paulina Carrillo

“Ground Zero” captivated museum goers at the Artspace Gallery located on Cheyenne campus.

Past students of the art program at College of Southern Nevada sent in their art works to be displayed during the exhibit through Oct. 17.

They did so to show appreciation for the education they received at CSN and also to celebrate the accomplishments they have had since.

Students gave credit to CSN as their “Ground Zero,” stated Jeffrey Fulmer, exhibits manager of CSN Fine Arts Gallery and Artspace Gallery. Fulmer said these students consider CSN as the place they launched their careers.

Curated by CSN Professor of Fine Arts Wayne Littlejohn, “Ground Zero” featured artwork of professional artists: Erik Beehn, Eric Burwell, Marylou Parker and Toni Rosa. Some of these artists now have their own studios.

The exhibit launched on 9/11. Though it does not have a connection to the terrorist attacks on the nation, the date holds connotation.

“The thing is, though, it is a date that makes me so consciously aware of change in general,” said Toni Rosa, professional artist. “For me, ‘Ground Zero’ also represents change, but on a more personal level. It is me returning to my place of origin, and reflecting on all of the events and change that has occurred in my life since I left CSN up until now.”

“I hope they see dedication, professionalism and a sense of exploration,” said Erik Beehn, professional artist and contributor to ‘Ground Zero.’ “I see art as a vehicle for pushing the envelope and expanding conversations, where I hope my work can raise more questions than it does present answers.  I want students to leave with more questions than they entered with—intending to encourage questions of representation, gender identity, beauty, reproduction, mark making and materials.”

According to the comment book, the students at CSN enjoyed the imagery in the gallery and found a deep connection to them. The variety of textures, shades and form were praised. The unity of these pieces didn’t go unseen.

“All the pieces had the look of a collection,” wrote Savannah Kirch, viewer and commenter of the “Ground Zero” exhibit. “Similar but not the same, it’s interesting they are all by different people.”

Fulmer said the shows of the Artspace Gallery are changed frequently. Gallery hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. and Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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