Fright Dome Adds the Fright to the Dome

14By Adrianne Jackson

Haunted houses have advanced from make-shift versions of spider webs, fake creatures, strange sounds and ghosts to horrifying live performances that shake attendees out of their socks.

Jason Egan, creator of Fright Dome at Circus Circus Las Vegas, has horrified masses of thrill-lovers since October 2003, according to a press release dated Aug. 31 on the Fright Dome’s website.

Fright Dome celebrated its 13th anniversary this year with a star-studded black-carpet event on Oct. 2, according to the website.

“As soon as I walked in, I heard the chainsaws and fog was everywhere,” said Davin Gilbert, a College of Southern Nevada student. “I just started running and left my girl.”

The Adventuredome, originally called Grand Slam Canyon, opened in 1993 with four rides. Now the pink dome stands 200-feet tall with 8,615 panes of glass, and 28 thrilling rides and attractions.

Circus Circus transforms the five-acre theme park during Halloween. It ranks one of the top-five scariest haunted-house attractions in the nation, according to Travel Channel.

For those who frighten easily, Fright Dome may not be the best place to spend a Saturday night. “I went in there, and after the first 30 minutes, I was scared and ready to go,” said Brandon Cruz, a CSN student.

There are haunted houses that use fear tactics and illusions to scare people till they scream. It is as if they are in a real-life horror film. “At first, I was terrified, but after a while, I got used to it,” said Lily Robistow, student at CSN.

People can choose to go in with a group or by themselves, though if the experience is too much there are options to get out.

“I had to escort a few individuals out before, because they changed their minds,” said Michael Carter Jr., a security officer working at Fright Dome.

Though many have a great time at the Dome, there are some who don’t like haunted houses.

Taahira Tiberino, a CSN student, said, “I never really understood why people would spend almost $50 just to go get scared. I do not care for it.”

Fright Dome is just one of the major haunted houses in Las Vegas. Bonnie Screams and the Freakling Bros. Horror Shows’ The Trilogy of Terror are also successful Halloween spots.

Derek Bryant from Bonnie Screams said, “We have an array of reactions whenever people visit Bonnie

Screams due to all the different attractions. From the entertaining magic show to the adrenaline inducing Zombie Paintball Bus to the eerie haunted houses, we have something for everybody.”

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