No More Late Registration for Classes

By Jose Sillas College of Southern Nevada established a new policy disallowing students to register late for classes starting spring semester 2014. This new policy is based on studies done by various colleges around the country that show students, who register late in the first 12 days after classes start, are more likely to dropout. […]

Great Night of Music Raises Funds for Scholarships

By Jose Sillas An evening of music and song at the Music Scholarship Concert, held at the College of Southern Nevada on October 8, raised funds for scholarships while commemorating the great late Joe Williams. The theater echoed with harmonies of CSN’s Chamber Chorale, a select ensemble, and the Jazz Singers, who have an active […]

Astronomy’s Extreme Side

By Jose Sillas “Extreme Planets” playing at the planetarium at the College of Southern Nevada from September 6 to November 16 is a feast for the eyes that doesn’t seize to inform and mesmerize. The movie helps to give valuable and entertaining insights about the different conditions of planets in the Milky Way galaxy. Astronomers […]