Grab Gym Shoes and Go!

College of Southern Nevada

Basketball Courts at Sports Center


By Ricardo Torres

Fitness and exercise can improve collegiate life. The College of Southern Nevada’s Cheyenne campus houses its own Sports Center.

Students and staff can use The Sports Center with its fully-equipped fitness facility with two floors that have: basketball and racket ball courts, cardio machines, free weights, female and male lockers, and saunas.

Health coach and CSN student Angela Nobles states the benefits of wellness. “You have more energy, you’re able to focus better and you tend to be a little bit healthier than most people when you work out.” She continues, “…It does build endorphins, so it makes you happier.”

The Sports Center membership fee is only $5 per semester. In addition to affordability, the hours of operation accommodate college life. “You can work out in between classes. We’re open from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, so we’re very flexible with our schedule so you can be flexible,” says Nobles.

Computer graphic design student and Sports Center staff member Kayline Puga, who uses fitness to help lower her cholesterol reiterates the importance of exercise “It’s convenient, it’s here, you can go whenever you’re done with class.”

If students are competitive and want to join intermural sports, CSN offers tournaments. General information can be found at

Getting healthy will help students physically and mentally. The Sports Center is the perfect gym to join.


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