Santa’s Other Little Helpers

By Kheslleen Dimanche

Yummy, yummy, yummy! Classified Council really knows how to bake some delicious treats including: carrot cake, chocolate-chip cookies, and brownies.

Classified Council was thrilled by the turn out on all three CSN campuses for the Angel Tree Program. Classified Council will use the money raised to purchase grocery gift cards from Smith’s Grocery Store for CSN families in need for Christmas dinner. Last year Council raised enough money to buy gift cards for 70 families. “It makes it so much easier to buy these cookies knowing that I am helping out a family in need” said Jonathan Stewart.

There are many students with children at CSN, and thanks to the Angel program they are able to purchase dinner and surprise their children with gifts on Christmas day.

Jenny Sequeira, faculty and student newsroom advisor at CSN, shared her experience with the Angel Tree Program. “A young 9-year-old girl, who loves Disney princesses and the color pink, was selected for me. I purchased many cute girly items for her including: hair clips, a Disney princess book, and a movie. I wrapped it and dropped it off at the Angel Tree office. I never heard from that family who received those gifts, but I felt it in my heart on Christmas morning. I knew a young girl was smiling ear-to-ear when she opened those gifts.”

Classified Council has supported the Angel Tree Program for two years now. Rob Teeles, president of Classified Council says, “The totals are not in for this year and we don’t know the number of families that will be participating yet. We anticipate that we will likely have to do some more fundraising when that number is released.” So they can really use more volunteers!

Thanks to Classified Council on Christmas day many children are going to receive a gift from Santa’s other little helpers, the “Angels” of Angel Tree.

For more information on how you can help:

College of Southern Nevada

Craft and bake sale flyer

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