Club Rush Stirs Students to Join


Club Rush event

By Ashton Hall

Each semester the College of Southern Nevada holds Club Rush, an event to stir interest in club membership. With over 30 clubs, students can pick what they are interested in.

“This is part of student government trying to get the students to be happy about the school and get involved in clubs,” CSN Senator Corey Hallquist said.

Club Rush at the Cheyenne campus was held on March 5. With booths for each club surrounded by an inflatable jousting arena, a basketball free throw, free food and loud music, students quickly flocked around the entrance, where the event took place.

CSN student Sabrina Hall signed up for Zeta Phi Beta and Phi Beta Sigma, two sororities at the Cheyenne campus. “I like that they’re here on campus and that they do some community service,” Hall said. “I don’t really know much about Greek life, so it would be kind of interesting to learn about that.”

Another student, Lucas Guitierrez, treasurer of CSN’s Students Making a Difference club, explained that collecting signup signatures are pivotal.

“Today we’ve gotten over three pages, and my fellow members have gotten over 70 signatures, so we’re getting a lot of people interested,” Guitierrez said. Receiving signatures is only half of the battle. Students are encouraged to contact club members after Club Rush.

Some clubs venture out of state to help promote the causes of larger more well-known organizations, including the club Guitierrez is part of. He is looking forward to going to California to work with Heal the Bay, an organization that works for environmental advocacy, protection, and clean up.

“We’re going to be taking all of the students out there and we’re going to pick up the beach. I’m really looking forward to that,” Guitierrez said.

Students enjoyed Club Rush thanks to the planning and preparation of ASCSN student government.

“Orchestrating this is a lot of work. It’s the work of an entire committee to do what we do in three days on these campuses. It takes months of planning to get to this,” said Michelle Tewes, Charleston senator.

Tewes concludes by saying, “We’ve doing it for as long as ASCSN has been an organization, to help bolster the clubs.”

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