Achieving the Dream Helps Eliminate Student Achievement Gaps

By Nikiya Berry President Barack Obama created the American Graduation Initiative in 2009 to increase community-college graduates by 2020 by five million, according to the White House website on higher education. The College of Southern Nevada is committed to do its part to reach this goal. To ensure success, CSN has adopted the program Achieving […]

Learn How to Handle Active Shooter Situations

By Nikiya Berry The College of Southern Nevada adopted an Active Shooter training course as part of campus emergency management. The online course is provided through Federal Emergency Management Agency. “You’re not being wise if you don’t take it,” said Greg Gammon, CSN director of fire science in emergency management. According to Gammon, college campuses across the […]

Vegan Lifestyle Considered

By Nikiya Berry Vegan Outreach encourages students at the College of Southern Nevada to think differently.  Members periodically hand out leaflets on campus to help end animal exploitation through the promotion of a vegan lifestyle. “Every month seems more inspiring than the last,” said Jon Oberg, a Vegan Outreach volunteer. “Many people are going vegetarian and vegan […]