Postcards Series Shined Light on Vietnam’s Past and Present

By Leonardo Schauer Long Time Passing: Journeys to Vietnam, a Postcards from Abroad lecture series, sparked an interesting discussion on the horrors of war to current-day issues still plaguing Vietnam. The Vietnam War, 1954 to 1975, involved a large regional conflict that pitted the communist government of the North against the South, whose principal ally […]

CSN’s New Academic Suspension Policy

By Leonardo Schauer Students must keep GPA above 2.0 in order to excel at College of Southern Nevada and avoid the newly-adjusted academic probation and suspension policy. “Student success is now one of the core themes of the institution and the intent on review and development of this policy was to be more intentional in […]

Typing Not as Beneficial as Handwriting for Learning

By Leonardo Schauer Ongoing research studies on the difference between typing and handwriting are yielding some preliminary results: handwriting is better for learning. “Based on my research, handwritten notes are more effective for learning,” said Dr. Daniel Oppenheimer, associate professor at University of California, Los Angeles. In an article called “The pen is mightier than […]