Artist Anne Hoff’s Lithographs Chosen for Nevada Humanities Awards

By Ricardo Torres Fine arts professor of print making and drawing at the College of Southern Nevada Anne Hoff created original stone lithograph etchings that were commissioned for the Nevada Humanities Awards March 28, 2013. The inspiration for her art came from Southern Nevada’s landscapes. Hoff’s creativity was sparked during her hikes in Anniversary Narrows, […]

Discounted Dental Care Offered at CSN

By Ricardo Torres College of Southern Nevada’s dental hygiene clinic offers hands-on experience for its students as well as discounted dental care to the community. According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention in 2012, approximately 50 million Americans are currently uninsured. Dental costs can quickly add up. In its section for affordable dental cost, […]

Obama Recognizes CSN Student in Immigration Reform Speech

By Ricardo Torres President Barack Obama mentioned our 20-year-old College of Southern Nevada student Alan Aleman by name in a speech he gave about immigration on Jan. 29, 2013.“Growing up, Alan went to an American school, pledged allegiance to the American flag, felt American in every way and he was. Except for on paper,” President […]

Congresswoman Titus Talks Education & Female Empowerment at CSN

By Ricardo Torres United States Congresswoman Dina Titus, Nevada representative, was the key-note speaker during The President’s Forum on Women’s Academic Success at the College of Southern Nevada on March 26. She discussed women’s issues, specifically the need for higher education. “Education will always be a priority for me in elected office because I care […]

Body Language Speaks More than Words

By Ricardo Torres A lousy handshake, lack of eye-contact and poor wardrobe choices can send job interviews to a screeching halt. Years of college and a flawless resumé might matter little to an interviewer if the applicant practices negative non-verbal communication. “By reading the body language you can learn a lot about people, you can […]

What Thanksgiving Means to Me

By Douglas Farra Your Guide to Gratitude: There is holiday cheer in the air and a need to find gratitude for the year. Figuring out how to be grateful seems to be challenging for some. The holiday experience can become busy and stressful with all the responsibility, family and “life” that people deal with. Here […]

Take Advantage of Scholarships

By Ricardo Torres Students need a lot of money to go through school. Costs of tuitions, fees, and books are high, and scholarships and grants – money awarded for academic success or special talents that does not need to be repaid – can help. The College of Southern Nevada offers scholarship opportunities. Some are funded […]

Professor MulHolland Changes Lives

By Ricardo Torres He’s quirky, unpredictable, and marches to his own beat every day in the classroom at the College of Southern Nevada. Professor Anthony MulHolland teaches literature, mythology, and English courses, but he does much more than that. He changes the way his students think. MulHolland’s classes follow unscripted themes that change each semester. […]

Obama Rally Last Plea to the Electorate

By Stephanie Santana and Ricardo Torres National media, tight-knit security, hundreds of enthusiastic voters and even protestors were present at the political rally on November 1 at the Cheyenne Sports Complex next to the College of Southern Nevada’s campus. Nevada is instrumental as a swing state. That is why President Obama has repeatedly visited in […]

Voters Sick of Mudslinging

By Ricardo Torres Political parties push their agendas to fool the public and advance their way into power. The media is flooded with attack ads as Democrats and Republicans mudsling as the election draws near. Professor William Davis, political science expert at CSN, explains that over the last 50 years, people have become less interested […]