Obama Rally Last Plea to the Electorate

College of Southern Nevada

People cheer for Obama

By Stephanie Santana and Ricardo Torres

National media, tight-knit security, hundreds of enthusiastic voters and even protestors were present at the political rally on November 1 at the Cheyenne Sports Complex next to the College of Southern Nevada’s campus.

Nevada is instrumental as a swing state. That is why President Obama has repeatedly visited in attempts to rally the democratic base to win the vote five days prior to an enduring and close election showdown.

Before presenting his stump speech, Barack Obama emerged on to the stage to an enthusiastic chanting crowd, the majority excited about hosting the President in their community.

“We’ve had an incredible ground game in the state since 2007,” says Aoife McCarthy, Nevada press secretary for the Obama campaign. “We are able to build on that; we have neighbors talking to neighbors.”

“We are trying to reach voters in the matter in which they like to be reached…on college campuses, online news, radio, Twitter and Facebook,” McCarthy says.

“It’s our job to make sure that every student in Nevada understands what president Obama has done for them,” McCarthy says. Tax cuts for students, doubling Pell-grants and fighting to keep low interest rates on student loans have been a part of President Obama’s agenda.

Some students are aware of how important their votes can be. “Everybody’s vote really counts right now. Everybody just needs to take an initiative and get out there,” says CSN student Tammy De Luna.

The appeal of the student and youth vote is crucial for Barack Obama’s re-election. The enthusiasm of young voters, their ability to talk to their friends, and their ability to really push a message is fantastic, McCarthy says.

The week before the election, CSN students and Las Vegas residents were given the opportunity to participate in the early voting process. With busy schedules, students were offered the convenience of voting before, in between or after classes, according to J.T. Creedon, former CSN student government president and executive director of Nevada Youth Coalition.

The rally featured live entertainment. Eva Longoria, national co-chair for the Obama camp, presented.

The rally was one of the last stops for the president as the election nears. Early voting ended. Voters have one last chance to vote on November 6: Election Day.

College of Southern Nevada

Cheyenne Sports Complex Obama Rally

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