Sleep is a Necessity

College of Southern Nevada

By Jordan Helm Sleep deprivation is a problem that many college students face and it can affect academic performance.  Students tend to pull all-nighters not knowing the harmful effects that result. Craig Schwimmer, MD and founder of the Snoring Center, said “Our ability to consolidate memory, conduct critical thinking and process information are all affected […]

Professor MulHolland Changes Lives

By Ricardo Torres He’s quirky, unpredictable, and marches to his own beat every day in the classroom at the College of Southern Nevada. Professor Anthony MulHolland teaches literature, mythology, and English courses, but he does much more than that. He changes the way his students think. MulHolland’s classes follow unscripted themes that change each semester. […]

CSN and Federal Government Help Homeless Veterans

By Li Han Military men and women fight for their country, sacrificing it all, and some come home to face serious issues of homelessness and poverty. In response, a national initiative led by the Department of Veterans Affairs with support from President Obama was created to end homelessness among veterans in America. Veterans Retraining Assistance […]

CSN President Connects with Students

College of Southern Nevada

By Stephanie Santana In other college institutions there are many gatekeepers between the students and the upper administration. It is unique for a college president to take time out of his or her schedule to sit down for roundtable discussions with students and staff to hear real concerns. At the College of Southern Nevada, President Michael […]

Communications Seminar at CSN

College of Southern Nevada

By Rodrigo Vazquez The Association of Students in Communication is putting on its 12th Annual Degrees of Communication Seminar Nov. 10, 2012 at the College of Southern Nevada’s Charleston campus. The event put forth by ASC members, in collaboration with the communication department, will showcase talented professionals from the field in addition to discussions about […]

High School Students Headstart in College

College of Southern Nevada

By Fabiola Marzano College of Southern Nevada established an academic program for juniors and seniors in high school to get a head start on their college degrees. Clark County School District and CSN allow students to earn high-school and college credits at the same time. The program is called CSNHS. Since January 1996, CSNHS has […]

Art of Acting

College of Southern Nevada

By Chris Moxon Acting takes an investment of time, creativity, and skills to become great. Hard work is needed though the profession has an unshakeable misconception that actors and actresses just show up and read lines. No one understands this misconception more than the cast in the College of Southern Nevada’s community play“Ah, The Wilderness”directed […]

Obama Rally Last Plea to the Electorate

By Stephanie Santana and Ricardo Torres National media, tight-knit security, hundreds of enthusiastic voters and even protestors were present at the political rally on November 1 at the Cheyenne Sports Complex next to the College of Southern Nevada’s campus. Nevada is instrumental as a swing state. That is why President Obama has repeatedly visited in […]

Clark County Residents Early Vote

By Douglas Farra Clark County’s Early Voting Program offered local residents a chance to cast their ballots during a 14-day period from October 20 to November 2, 2012, prior to the election on November 6. According to Clark County’s website, as of October 29, Clark County tallied nearly 300,000 early voters. On that date, the […]

New Food Vendor on Campus

College of Southern Nevada

By Kheslleen Dimanche Food on campus will now be offered by Campus Food Service as Sodexo cancels its contract and departs October 31, 2012. Campus Food Service’s contract is effective November 1. Most food service areas will be operational on November 5. According to Danny Jensen, president for Campus Food Service, the company will subcontract […]