CSN Graduation Signifies Ends and Beginnings

1By Michael Carmona

College of Southern Nevada’s upcoming graduation represents the end of several journeys and the beginning of new ones.

“My journey at CSN has been a long one and it’s crazy to believe that it’s over,” CSN student Rachel Carruth said. “As I begin to take off the security blanket of CSN, I find myself both excited for my future and a bit apprehensive at the same time.”

According to preliminary numbers from CSN’s Office of Institutional Research 3,326 students are eligible to receive degrees and certificates at the end of the 2014 to 2015 academic year. This number is a 28 percent increase over last year’s numbers.

Notably some of those graduating students are earning more than one degree or certificate this May.

CSN student Richie Frazier said, “Graduating from CSN is quite an interesting feeling. I graduated from high school but the difference here is that it really feels like it means something this time. High school you can just sleep through practically and still pass. With CSN and college, in general, you really have to focus and work to graduate.”

Frazier also stated that CSN was his second chance to improve himself. He went through high school without wanting to do it or caring about what would happen. CSN was the opportunity for Frazier to show he has what it takes to learn and make a difference.

The students who are graduating from CSN this semester have many plans on what they want to do afterwards.

Codi Fernandez, CSN student, said that he plans to further his education in audio engineering and if that does not work out he wants to go in to the music industry. He started as a business management major but changed to music business and technology. Over time he realized that he wanted a career in music since that is his passion.

“During the years I spent at CSN, my determination grew and my character matured,” Fernandez said. “I learned to be more genuine, to keep pushing through to the end and [learned] how to handle certain situations with ease.”

Some of the staff along with the graduating students have advice for fellow CSN students who plan on graduating in the future.

Communication Instructor Lindsey Icenogle said students really must work hard to get through school successful. They can take advantage of time with professors, tutoring and should make friends with classmates to find a connection on campus. She thinks education is indispensable.

“If you have your two-year degree, nobody can take that away from you,” Icenogle said.

CSN student Roslyn Paluay said, “See yourself as what you want to be and you’ll conquer every obstacle and manifest your future.”

The CSN graduation will take place May 18 at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas’ Thomas & Mack Center. More information can be found at http://www.csn.edu/pages/2202.asp.


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