Art Exhibit ‘Comedie’: Not so Much about Comedy

By Sierra Akana Shelby Shadwell’s exhibit “Comedie” at the College of Southern Nevada attempts to explore his greatest fears. Shadwell is an unusual artist who transforms canvasses with charcoal drawings and installations that magnify bugs, such as 500 cockroaches in his pieces “Auniversal Picture 16” and “Auniversal Picture 18,” to help the audience see the […]

Energy Drinks: Delicious but Can be Dangerous

By Sierra Akana College students are consuming energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster Energy to increase their productivity. The benefits of added energy is helpful but the issues from overconsumption are concerning. “An energy drink is a beverage that contains caffeine in combination with other ingredients such as sugar, amino acids, herbal extracts and […]

Students Feel the ‘Bern’

By Sierra Akana, Carlie Cass, Fernando Lopez Duran, Ronnie Gonzalez, Harrison Howard, Loren Honea, Christopher Kilkenny, Ericka Lemus, Anthony MulHolland, Agnes Ndaba, Roxi Sepulveda and Tamara Tindugan. College of Southern Nevada students shared their presidential candidate preferences in a recent poll. In an informal in-person poll conducted March 30 on Cheyenne campus, 112 students were […]

“Wallflowers” Exhibition Displays Ephemeral Flora at Fine Arts Gallery

By Sierra Akana Jill Parisi’s “Wallflowers” exhibition made its debut this semester at College of Southern Nevada’s Fine Arts Gallery. Parisi’s art combines a variety of color, complex patterns and nature. According to Parisi’s website, “My works celebrate the plant and animal kingdom’s wide palette and intricate patterns. The process for creating the flora and […]