CSN Baseball Revitalized by Coach Garritano

College of Southern Nevada

Head Coach Nick Garritano

By Fabiola Marzano

Baseball at the College of Southern Nevada has a history of training players to go pro.

In 2010, Bryce Harper, an outfielder, was the number-one draft pick who went pro with Washington Nationals. In the past, CSN baseball team advanced to the Junior College World Series and saw nine players drafted, according to ESPN. The program had a couple tough years with the exiting of two coaches and a lead player, which stunted the team’s success. Now Head Coach Nick Garritano is working to bring glory back to the College this spring.

“Two years ago it was a tough year,” Garritano said. Many transitions happened at the College when he came on as coach that required him to build the team ground up. He recruited new players and established a training program.

CSN Baseball is a nationally ranked program. “Our goal is to get back to a national level and the guys we have here have a great opportunity to do that,” Garritano said.

Athletic Director Marc Morse works closely with Garritano. Morse acknowledges the hard work Garritano put in to leading the team through a difficult time.

“His dedication has shined through, and we are very hopeful to see a positive outcome with the product on the field this year,” Morse said.

Practicing for spring season, CSN baseball players are competing in scrimmage games. “Our pitchers have done a great job, throwing strikes and keeping the defense involved,” Garritano said.

“I love Coach Garritano’s coaching style. He really teaches us to stay in tune with the game,” said John Conquy, CSN baseball pitcher. Conquy and the other players are looking forward to a winning spring season starting in January.

“We are back to people looking at CSN in the right manner again and I definitely think we are on the right track,” Garritano said. “I’m looking forward to a successful year.”

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