LDS Missionary Lance Eliason Strengthens Faith

By Braydon Heier Lance Eliason, College of Southern Nevada student, served for two years on a mission in Ecuador to help others while spreading the gospel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. “The greatest experience was seeing how people’s lives were blessed and changed for the better as they followed the teachings […]

CSNHS Students go to College While Finishing High School

By Braydon Heier College of Southern Nevada has challenged high-school students to work on their associate degrees while finishing high school at the same time. These CSNHS students are getting a head start by attending college sooner rather than later. “College of Southern Nevada was a high-school experience unlike any other,” said Dennis Basilio, former […]

McBride’s Novel ‘We are Called to Rise’ Inspires Many

By Braydon Heier Laura McBride, assistant chair and professor of English at the College of Southern Nevada, debuted her first novel “We are Called to Rise” to much acclaim. “Laura McBride had me hooked on her novel by page two,” according to the book review by writer Kathleen Grissom. “The beginning of a roller coaster […]