Russell’s Restaurant holds Out-of-Sight Experience

By Jordan Helm Imagine not being able to see or speak. Imagine having no control over your actions or what you say. Imagine what life would be like missing a limb or being handicapped. Diners at Russell’s Restaurant on the College of Southern Nevada’s Cheyenne campus had the opportunity to experience disabilities, which they were […]

Sleep is a Necessity

College of Southern Nevada

By Jordan Helm Sleep deprivation is a problem that many college students face and it can affect academic performance.  Students tend to pull all-nighters not knowing the harmful effects that result. Craig Schwimmer, MD and founder of the Snoring Center, said “Our ability to consolidate memory, conduct critical thinking and process information are all affected […]

Art & Design Exhibition Spaces Coming to a Campus Near You

College of Southern Nevada

By Jordan HelmThose part of CSN’s Fine Art Department, including the art and art-history program, will have a chance to show their works to students and faculty alike at the CSN Student Art & Design Exhibition spaces. CSN Student Art & Design Exhibitions spaces are going to give an opportunity to showcase high-quality work that […]

Eating at Russell’s

College of Southern Nevada

By Jordan Helm Russell’s Restaurant opened to the public last Tuesday offering student-made meals with student servers. Part of what makes Russell’s Restaurant a success is the culinary students that are led by Chef John Metcalfe. Generally, there are 16 students who work in the kitchen. It’s a fast-paced environment where students learn to properly […]

Tough Studies? Student Tutoring Available

College of Southern Nevada

By Jordan Helm Are you struggling with classes? Are you having problems adjusting to college life? Get in touch with your Student Retention Service. Student Retention, also known as Student Success Services, has one mission: “Helping CSN students succeed and achieve their educational goals.” It strives to achieve this mission by helping students complete coursework, […]