Art & Design Exhibition Spaces Coming to a Campus Near You

College of Southern Nevada

Students Observing Art on Display

By Jordan HelmThose part of CSN’s Fine Art Department, including the art and art-history program, will have a chance to show their works to students and faculty alike at the CSN Student Art & Design Exhibition spaces.

CSN Student Art & Design Exhibitions spaces are going to give an opportunity to showcase high-quality work that is created by our own students. Each campus will have an area to present students work in a professional manner.

The goal behind these exhibitions is to give students, who wish to pursue art as a professional occupation, a chance to show their works publicly and learn about presentations. Not only that, but art helps create connections and expand imagination amongst the collegiate community.

Jeff Fulmer, a senior specialist and adjunct faculty member in the Fine Arts Department, is working with various departments including the Vice President of Academic Affairs to make the exhibition spaces a success.

“CSN Student Art & Design Exhibition Spaces create an opportunity to highlight the top quality student art and design work that is created in CSN’s many art and design classes and to share this amazing work with our students, faculty and the greater community” Fulmer said.  He added “Our hope is to expand these great activities to all of our campuses, to provide enough space to maximize this benefit for all of our students, and to improve these spaces over time to highlight excellence in teaching and learning within the visual arts and design.”

Interested? Consider participating in CSN Student Art & Design Exhibitions.

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