CSN President Connects with Students

College of Southern Nevada

Santos Martinez (left), Travis Brown (right), address students

By Stephanie Santana

In other college institutions there are many gatekeepers between the students and the upper administration. It is unique for a college president to take time out of his or her schedule to sit down for roundtable discussions with students and staff to hear real concerns. At the College of Southern Nevada, President Michael Richards holds these types of meetings each semester to keep his fingers on the pulse of the needs and wants of his students.

“It is important that students have the opportunity to meet with members of the administration and talk about the issues that are important to them,” President Richards said.

Student issues range from individual to general concerns including: healthier food options on campus, specific tutoring and note-taking needs, and difficulties registering for classes.

CSN student Charles Liston, who attended the roundtable for the first time, said, “[President Richards] has the right people at the table to answer the questions and look deeper into individual situations.”

In the past, safety concerns were brought to the table. In response to those concerns, Richards and the administration worked to install light posts and emergency phones throughout the campuses. It was a good suggestion that resulted in a campus-wide solution, according to Richards.

Associated Students of the College of Southern Nevada, the student government at the College, was in attendance.

Travis Brown, president of ASCSN, said that the roundtable discussion provided a great opportunity for students to be heard. Brown said students who weren’t able to attend should drop by the student government office to fill out comment cards. Those comments will be taken into consideration.

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