Clark County Residents Early Vote

By Douglas Farra

Clark County’s Early Voting Program offered local residents a chance to cast their ballots during a 14-day period from October 20 to November 2, 2012, prior to the election on November 6.

According to Clark County’s website, as of October 29, Clark County tallied nearly 300,000 early voters. On that date, the record set the second highest turnout ever in Nevada’s early-voting history. As final numbers are counted thru November 2, it is likely early-voting will exceed past turnout numbers.

Voters showed up to the polling locations with their sample ballots in hand ready to cast their votes for the next federal, state and local government officials.

Team leader of a mobile-voting booth Bobie Ellsworth said that this year’s turnout for early voting is, “Better than in past elections.”

Ellsworth commented on a general worry found amongst citizens. “That’s why we have had a surge of voters,” she said.

Ellsworth has been a voting-booth volunteer for 40 years and started getting involved when she was 18. Experience has made Ellsworth confident in the system. “It’s a well-oiled machine,” she said. “It’s very well thought-out and the flow seems to go extremely well.”

Jacky Puza, an ultrasound-technician student at the College of Southern Nevada, likes the idea of early voting. She said it makes it convenient for her busy life and gives her more time to vote. Puza is passionate about many issues in this election. Funding for student loans is her primary concern.

Early voter LaFawn Harrison is pleased with the system that is in place for early voting. “It’s just more convenient, it gives me more opportunities,” she said. Harrison also stated that prior to the debates she was an undecided voter and is now ready to make a decision.

“Early voting is the way to go,” said Brandon Kimble, a student at CSN.

Since 2000, Clark County residents have embraced early voting with some popularity. According to Clark County’s website, the trend of early voting seems to increase during a presidential election years.

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