Transferring Schools Made Easy


CSN’s Transfer Center

By Clarrissa Lovett

After finishing your associate degree at the College of Southern Nevada, keep going with your education. The transferring process is made simple by two departments at CSN.

Many CSN students transfer to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas or other institutions. Some worry about what will transfer. The UNLV/CSN Transfer Center and the counseling department can help.

Amy Palmer, advisor and transfer coordinator at CSN, noted that CSN and UNLV have made a commitment to help make transferring easier.

“We do this by checking their coursework, past and present, to make sure it applies to both degrees,” said Janet Hollinger, a UNLV/CSN transition advisor. “In some cases, we help determine the most efficient degrees to apply for at UNLV. We can explain the steps in the process of transferring to those who are in need of assistance during that process.”

“In a nutshell, we assist the students in getting their associate degrees and their bachelor’s degrees in the most cost-efficient and time-efficient way possible,” Hollinger said.

When going through the transfer process, Palmer suggested checking to see if you have one of the three transferable degrees. These include: the Associate of Arts, Associate of Science and Associate of Business. According to Palmer, if you transfer with one of those degrees then CSN has an agreement with UNLV that general education requirements will be accepted. Some courses are non-transferable.

UNLV will do a credit-by-credit transfer for classes taken specific to your major, although accepting credits is up to the school’s discretion.

“It’s up to the institution that you transfer to as to whether they accept certain credits or not,” said Brad Brady, academic advisor at CSN.

Along with applying and checking the requirements, students should talk to the financial-aid department to make sure that their financial aid and scholarships will transfer to the next college they attend.

As you near 15 credits, Palmer suggested meeting with CSN and UNLV counselors to strategize the transferring process. Services are offered at Charleston and Cheyenne campuses.

“Things happen, life happens, but in general you already have an idea that you want to transfer so make sure that you’re taking the proper courses and you’re getting the grades you need in order to make that happen for you,” Brady concluded.

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