Money Raised for CSN Homeless Students


Dramatization of homeless student

By Daniel Avila

March Music Madness took place March 14 at College of Southern Nevada’s Charleston campus. The fundraiser aimed to raise awareness and money to change the circumstances of CSN homeless students.

That’s why ASCSN student government Senator Jonathan “Streetz” Paya, with the High-5 Scholarship, a joint effort by CSN and Silver State Schools Credit Union that raise funds for CSN homeless students, and several others hosted this fundraising event.

According to a study released by the National Alliance to End Homelessness, a non-profit organization, and its Homelessness Research Institute in Washington, D.C., five out of 1,000 Las Vegas residents are homeless.

Las Vegas is ranked fourth behind Tampa, Fla., Fresno, Calif. and New Orleans.

There are no official numbers of homeless students in Clark County School District or CSN, since most of them prefer to be anonymous.

“I was not aware that we have homeless students attending CSN,” said Katherine Cuadra, a CSN student. “I feel amazed that we have such dedicated students attending the College,” Cuadra said. She respects how homeless students have the drive to get their educations while struggling with circumstances.  Looking for a safe place to sleep, taking a shower, asking for money, paying tuition for school and getting help must be difficult for many, she noted.

“If we each took the same amount of time that we use to think about helping someone and actually help someone… the community as a whole would be a much better place to live,” Paya said.

The fundraiser featured a variety of musical acts ranging from hip-hop to opera. According to Paya all funds gathered were donated to the cause. Also, other funds came from student government and clubs around campus who held their own events, donating 20 percent.

“I will definitely help them if I could,” CSN student Maria Hurtado said.

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