No Cell-Phone Etiquette

College of Southern Nevada

CSN students distracted by their smartphones

By Fabiola Marzano

Students and faculty members confess their personal dislikes about cell-phone behavior and usage at the College of Southern Nevada.

CSN Recruitment Coordinator Kimiko Walton states, “Cell phones have increased the ability to communicate, but people should still prioritize human contact and always be aware of their surroundings when talking.” In some cases, students blindly ignore their surroundings when using smartphones.

Manuel Benavides, a CSN student, echoes that concern. “They’ll just be walking they don’t even know where they’re going sometimes. They’ll just bump into someone. I’ve had people bump into me just because they’re looking at a status on Facebook or they’re updating their Facebook… I just hate that so bad.”

Matt Buody, a CSN tutor, shared his experience. While tutoring students, he finds some are distracted by their cell phones and will interrupt the tutoring session to start texting or to answer calls.  “It’s kind of rude.”

Some instructors are irritated by noisy ringtones and non-stop texting during lectures. Many faculty members have policies against cell-phone use in the classroom.

Cell-phone etiquette is necessary on campus. Consideration and courtesy for others will help.

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