Great Night of Music Raises Funds for Scholarships

Richard McGee and Concert Band

Richard McGee and Concert Band

By Jose Sillas

An evening of music and song at the Music Scholarship Concert, held at the College of Southern Nevada on October 8, raised funds for scholarships while commemorating the great late Joe Williams.

The theater echoed with harmonies of CSN’s Chamber Chorale, a select ensemble, and the Jazz Singers, who have an active performing schedule, conducted by Mark Wherry, coordinator of vocal music at CSN. The singers delivered a diverse repertoire including gospel and beat boxing.

CSN Concert Band conducted by Richard McGee, chair of the Department of Fine Arts, was there. It played infectious melodies and jazzy grooves executed by the great musicianship many come to expect from these students.

All this great music raised money for the Joe Williams Memorial Scholarship fund, which helps many aspiring students at CSN achieve their musical aspirations.

“It’s only natural that some civic-minded folks like Joe would see the community college and recognize the need for a music scholarship,” McGee said. “He realized he can make a difference and he acted to make it happen. We need to remind future generations of who Joe was and the huge impact he had on music in the twentieth century.”

“This scholarship can become a great opportunity for music majors to achieve their goals,” said Eliza Yazzie, a member of the band and 2nd chair alto saxophone.

“I feel the music scholarship fund is big for those of financial need,” said Jacob Childress, trombone player for the Concert Band. Students who secure scholarships can pursue more educational opportunities at CSN thanks to this event.

Joe Williams and his colleagues started The Joe Williams Every Day Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, to provide support for musicians, especially those in jazz, according to its website. CSN is a benefactor along with other colleges and universities.

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