Science & Tech Expo at CSN Inspired Young Students

By Justin Guzman Thousands of young adults gathered at the College of Southern Nevada’s Cheyenne campus for the 10th annual Science and Technology Expo on April 19. The event is designed to expose young minds to the future of science and technology through direct interaction with experienced professionals and community educators. “I certainly feel a […]

High-5 Drive Raises Funds

By Brianna Florian High-5 Drive is an annual event held at the College of Southern Nevada to raise money for the Youthful Enterprise Scholarship provided to homeless students enrolled at CSN. This has given hope to these students looking for an education. “The reaction is always sheer excitement when they find out they are receiving […]

Facebook Used for Equal Rights Activism

By Sallyann Ficarrotta Millions of Facebook users changed their profile pictures to red versions of the Human Rights Campaign logo on Tuesday, March 26, 2013 to support gay marriage. “I believe there shouldn’t be such a thing as ‘gay’ marriage. It’s just marriage and everyone should be able to get married to whomever they want,” […]

Nevada National Guard Recruits CSN Students

By Shenique Schaff Nevada’s National Guard is looking for new recruits from the College of Southern Nevada. Students who are part-time soldiers can reap many benefits from joining such as: free education, student loan repayment, insurance and pensions. “The soldier will receive a tuition waiver to any Nevada state college,” said Staff Sgt. Nixon, recruiting […]

Artist Anne Hoff’s Lithographs Chosen for Nevada Humanities Awards

By Ricardo Torres Fine arts professor of print making and drawing at the College of Southern Nevada Anne Hoff created original stone lithograph etchings that were commissioned for the Nevada Humanities Awards March 28, 2013. The inspiration for her art came from Southern Nevada’s landscapes. Hoff’s creativity was sparked during her hikes in Anniversary Narrows, […]

Six Chix Art Exhibit Inspires CSN Students

By Rachel Carruth Stunning works of art adorned College of Southern Nevada’s Artspace Gallery at the Cheyenne campus. “I hand-picked these artists because I know their work and what drives them,” said Karen Wheeler, a major force behind the inception of the Six Chix art exhibit. The event was held March 8 to April 26. […]

Achieving the Dream Helps Eliminate Student Achievement Gaps

By Nikiya Berry President Barack Obama created the American Graduation Initiative in 2009 to increase community-college graduates by 2020 by five million, according to the White House website on higher education. The College of Southern Nevada is committed to do its part to reach this goal. To ensure success, CSN has adopted the program Achieving […]

MLB Contender Evan Van Hoosier is Best Buds with Team Manager

By Robert Vendettoli College of Southern Nevada Freshman Evan Van Hoosier is on his way to being one of the best second basemen in junior-college baseball, but that’s not the only thing that sets him apart. “Something people wouldn’t know about me is that I have a soft spot for kids with Down syndrome,” Van […]

CSN Intramural Soccer Team Verses UNLV at Desert Cup

By Jonathan Randall Indoor Soccer Intramural League at the College of Southern Nevada recently had a great showing in the Desert Cup competition, a soccer game against University of Nevada, Las Vegas on April 30. Though CSN lost, going to the game was a huge accomplishment. “My main goal was winning the CSN intramural tournament […]

Coyotes Baseball and Softball Teams Contend for High Rankings

By Robert Vendettolli After finishing both their seasons, the College of Southern Nevada’s baseball and softball teams were invited to the Region 18 Tournament in hopes of advancing to the Western District Tournament. The Coyotes baseball team came into the tournament as the No. 1 contender on a mission to head to Grand Junction, Colo. […]