Six Chix Art Exhibit Inspires CSN Students

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White Noise by Kristina Mull

By Rachel Carruth

Stunning works of art adorned College of Southern Nevada’s Artspace Gallery at the Cheyenne campus.

“I hand-picked these artists because I know their work and what drives them,” said Karen Wheeler, a major force behind the inception of the Six Chix art exhibit. The event was held March 8 to April 26.

Wheeler thoughtfully chose five artist friends who work with a broad variety of mediums, which exposed CSN students to various colors and art styles. “I love the combination of different artists. I brought different aspects, exposure and attention.”

The art displayed highlighted the distinctive talents of local artists: Jessica Kennedy, Theresa Lucero, Kristina Mull, Karen Wheeler, Kathy Worley and Gabbie Hirsch.

The faculty members of the art and art history program at CSN share a belief that is founded on a two-fold mission. According to its mission statement, the broad curriculum provides a foundation in art to prepare students for advanced studies and or a career in art. The program also helps students employ art as a vehicle for life enrichment and personal expression.

“Art really gets at what it means to be human,” said Jeff Fulmer, senior specialist adjunct member in the art and art history program at CSN. “In my mind, art has always been an important part of society. I don’t know if it’s possible to separate life and art.”

“Art provides an opportunity for communication of emotion and feeling that can’t necessarily be communicated through words,” Fulmer said.

According to Stanford art professor Elliot E. Eisner, many premier organizations today recognize that human intellect draws from many wells; art education gives access to the deepest of those wells.

“In my case, living a life with a disability, it’s my own true form of expression. A person offers their soul to the world through art,” Wheeler said.” It’s their true communication and I feel it’s the ultimate expression.”

“Art allows the viewer to experience a temporary mental vacation,” said Kristina Mull, a CSN graduate with a degree in graphic technology. “I like to show things just as they are so I guess one could say that I am inspired by the natural state of things.”

There was a reception and raffle held March 8 that benefited Shade Tree of Las Vegas. “The artists raised more than $350, greatly surpassing their goal of $236, the amount that is necessary to support one mother, child and a pet for one week,” Fulmer said.

“A work of art must escape all human limits because logic and common sense will only interfere. But once these barriers are broken, it will enter the realms of childhood visions and dreams,” said Giorgio de Chirico, a renowned Greek-born Italian artist.

*** Article Feature Art by Theresa Lucero

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Gallery display of Six Chix exhibit

By Theresa Lucero

By Theresa Lucero

By Gabbie Hirsch

By Gabbie Hirsch

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