CSN Intramural Soccer Team Verses UNLV at Desert Cup

Intramural soccer players

Intramural soccer players

By Jonathan Randall

Indoor Soccer Intramural League at the College of Southern Nevada recently had a great showing in the Desert Cup competition, a soccer game against University of Nevada, Las Vegas on April 30. Though CSN lost, going to the game was a huge accomplishment.

“My main goal was winning the CSN intramural tournament so that we can play in the Desert Cup game,” said Ernesto Lopez, lead soccer player on the team Twisters. His team competed against three other CSN teams before advancing to the Desert Cup.

When asked about the importance of winning the Desert Cup, Lopez said, “This is the first time the CSN team will play verses UNLV. We are going to make history being the first…”

Lino Rubio was one of the players who competed in the indoor soccer league. He was happy to have an opportunity to play for a second season.

“You need to play hard and communicate with your teammates,” Rubio said. Going into this season Rubio’s team called AC Milan was confident since his team won the championship at CSN last season but lost to the Twisters this year. “We were undefeated this season…and we were supposed to win!” Rubio said.

The Desert Cup was an exciting game. UNLV defeated CSN with a final score of 14-6.

Although the end of season was bitter sweet, the intramurals were great for students.

Andrew Farrar, athletic director at the CSN Sports Center, said that it was great to see many new players get involved this year, from last. The league started in 2009. Farrar hopes CSN will win the Desert Cup next year.

“It would be good motivation for the students to compete against UNLV and it is a good inner-city rivalry,” Farrar said.

Prior to the Desert Cup, intramural sports took place at the CSN Sports Center from February 26 thru April 9.

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