Nevada National Guard Recruits CSN Students


National Guard

By Shenique Schaff

Nevada’s National Guard is looking for new recruits from the College of Southern Nevada. Students who are part-time soldiers can reap many benefits from joining such as: free education, student loan repayment, insurance and pensions.

“The soldier will receive a tuition waiver to any Nevada state college,” said Staff Sgt. Nixon, recruiting and retention officer. “As long as the soldier is a participating member in the Guard and in good standing, he or she may attend the state college and receive one bachelor’s and one master’s degree.”

To become a part-time soldier for Nevada’s National Guard there are certain requirements applicants must meet. According to Nixon, applicants must pass an exam, physical and background check.

Applicants may not have any felonies or certain misdemeanors. There are certain medical conditions that will disqualify candidates such as: asthma, mental-health disorders, issues with body weight and those with certain allergies. However, a waiver can be granted for some of these conditions.

Part-time soldiers work and training schedules are less time consuming than those in full-time positions.

According to Nixon, basic training and advanced individual training are required for part-time soldiers. After such training, soldiers will return to Nevada and be required to go to drills one weekend a month and two weeks in the summer for annual training.

CSN student Ben Cortez sees the National Guard as a positive opportunity. “The National Guard reaching out to college students to join is a great thing. It can teach them about a military career and it lets them properly assess their options,” Cortez said. “I didn’t know about all the incentives offered to students who join and now that I know, it is certainly an intriguing possibility.”

As part-time soldiers, enlisting is a choice. Applicants who wish to enlist and receive the educational benefits must do so for a period of six years according to Nixon.

“Every male over the age of 18 is required by law to register for the draft, but as you know we have been at war for the last 10 years and we have only used a volunteer force,” Nixon said. “We have not had a draft since the Vietnam War.”

Sgt. 1st Class Augustine Reyes, Nevada National Guard recruiter, believes students should join the National Guard for the educational benefits and service to the country.

National Guard recruits students through flyers, word of mouth and displays in the common areas of the campus.

National Guard serves both state and federal governments. While the National Guard originally focused on protecting local communities, it eventually grew into a force that complements the Active Duty Army when help is needed.

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