Tech Students Jump Start Careers at CSN

College of Southern Nevada

Telecommunications Building

By Rodrigo Vazquez

Before finishing their studies, JT3 Jump Start helps students at the College of Southern Nevada launch their careers.

JT3, a company that recruits technicians and engineers for the Department of Defense, joined forces with CSN in order to create the JT3 Jump Start program.

The program located at the Morse Arberry Jr. Telecommunications building at the Cheyenne Campus enables those students seeking to earn an associate’s degree in electrical engineering and technology to enter the program. Upon the successful completion of six required courses, students will be able to apply for positions as electronics technician with JT3.

Each student will be given an individual assessment by JT3 after the application process. If hired, JT3 may pay the remainder of the student’s tuition and offer a bonus to cover out-of-pocket school costs.

Hired in 2001, Engineering Program Director Joseph Miller has been the point of contact between the College and JT3. Since its formation about four years ago, Miller thought this was a great program.

When asked why Miller thought the program was beneficial he responded, “It allows students to achieve a career change before they complete an associate’s degree.” Miller continued by saying the program is equally beneficial for the College because many students enroll at CSN just to apply to the JT3 program.

What about those who don’t get hired by JT3? According to information derived from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, electrical- and electronic-engineering technicians have a growing job outlook. This occupation is expected to increase roughly 2 percent by 2020.

Miller says many who did not get hired by JT3 were hired at various other local companies. “I often get calls from various employers seeking electrical technicians.” Through the various courses taken to obtain the degree, students are able to transfer their skills to diverse technical occupations. The gaming industry and manufacturers are among those looking to hire electrical engineers. JT3 Jump Start gives students what they need to succeed in a competitive work force and it’s happening at CSN.

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