CSN is Worth the Investment

College of Southern Nevada

College of Southern Nevada

By Stephanie Santana

The College of Southern Nevada offers good education at a reasonable price in comparison to other schools around the valley.

College of Southern Nevada student Christian Manabat says, “One of the reasons why I chose to continue my education here at CSN is the fact that the tuition fee over here is way reasonable compared to the other universities here in the Vegas market.”

According to their websites, the tuition at University of Nevada, Las Vegas costs $191.50 a credit and Nevada State College costs $113.25 a credit. This makes CSN the least expensive college in the system at $75.50 a credit.

Though CSN’s tuition is less expensive than other schools in the valley, it is still an expensive investment for students. Is it worth it?

CSN student Kristy Castro says, “CSN also provides great professors, resources that are available for all students, and the campus is not as big as a University, which makes going to classes and visiting the library easier.” For her, CSN is worth it.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 14 million job openings are projected to be filled by workers who have a bachelor’s or graduate degree. The educational investment will pay off for students who attain degrees, and move into their fields with knowledge and capabilities.

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