CSN Professor is Best in the Business

College of Southern Nevada

Professor Raiford Lectures His Class

By Thomas Shafer

Many people say that it only takes one teacher in your life to change it. At the College of Southern Nevada, Professor Raiford changes many lives for the better. Raiford teaches introduction to business, introduction to marketing, and management principles at CSN, and has gained national recognition for his success.

Raiford graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with his bachelor’s degree in finance and marketing, and the University of North Carolina with his master of business administration in high-tech marketing.

All someone has to do is log on to RateMyProfessors.com to read the overwhelming positive remarks from students that have taken his class. Raiford was ranked the number three professor for any university in the nation by an MTV poll.

Raiford is very interactive with his students in the classroom, and when asked how he thinks he is able to get his students so interested, he replied, “I use current events and group projects so the students know that the class is relevant to their future success.”

Success in the classroom isn’t the only goal for Raiford; he wants to see his students have success in the business world. While sitting in on one of his classes, one can see the friendly environment that is created right when students walk into the room.

Raiford teaches his class with a business approach, knowing that the more successful his students are, the better job he is doing as a professor. “It’s all about the results. If my students get A’s then I’m doing my job.”

Raiford was business savvy from a young age. When asked what made him chose business as a career choice when he was younger, he replied, “My mother made dresses in our family home while my father worked two jobs. My mom made more money and that is why I wanted to learn to be a good business person.”

Students of Professor Raiford’s classes have nothing but great things to say about him.

Tracy Dillingham a student in Raiford’s Management 201 class said, “His classroom is very interactive, you learn things without even realizing that you are learning.”

Debra Lewis who is in the same class as Dillingham said, “He just seems to go the extra mile for his students.”

Raiford is very up-to-date with his students, and his students understand how much he cares about their success.

Raiford is a key asset to the CSN community, recently bringing good publicity from local and national news channels.

Students are excited to get to class and learn, and that’s what it’s all about. Raiford understands that if he is there for his students, they will be there for him.


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