Soccer Stadium Would Draw 50% of Students to Games

Rendering from Cordish-Findlay

Rendering from Cordish-Findlay

By Yessica Casias, Evan Combs, Ashlee Godwin, Aesha Jones, H. Patrick Lombardo, Stephanie Lyte and Ashley Virnoche

Fans of World Cup are likely to scream “Goal” if the professional soccer stadium is built in Downtown Las Vegas.

In a recent poll of 204 College of Southern Nevada students, 50 percent said they would attend a soccer match downtown at the stadium.

Lizbeth Gonzalez, CSN student, said, “It would be a good attraction to have in the city.”

J. Nayar Chavez Rodriguez, CSN student, thinks the stadium would be a good development for Las Vegas. He would like to attend the games.

The City is working with stadium developers The Cordish Cos., which specializes in entertainment and mixed-use arenas, and Findlay Sports and Entertainment, a Las Vegas based auto dealership, on a proposal to build a new state-of-the-art soccer stadium downtown to host a Major League Soccer franchise.

City Council is up for a vote on the deal Oct. 1.

Some controversy surrounds the financial end as the City will spend millions in bonds to support the stadium build and operation. Some say the City should spend money in other ways.

“I think we should probably spend our money on something better… like school,” said Bianca Ariciuc, CSN student.

On the contrary some see the stadium as opening up a new market for Vegas: sports.

“It’s gonna create a bunch of jobs,” said Cameron Bass, CSN student.

Ray Floirendo, CSN student, said, “I am all for it if it brings revenue to the city.”

Danii Sno, CSN student, said, “I have a 10 year old who plays competitive soccer so I support the new stadium.”

“I would support a stadium but I wouldn’t attend,” said Jonathan Sevela, CSN student. “Stadiums are overpriced. It costs $10 for a drink. It would help tourism though.”

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