Childcare Offered on Campus for Competitive Rate

ECE Lab Cheyenne campus

ECE Lab Cheyenne campus

By Aesha Jones

Childcare is offered at Cheyenne and West Charleston campuses at the College of Southern Nevada for a competitive rate.

The Early Childhood Education Lab Program is nationally accredited and licensed by the State of Nevada. It is also linked to CSN’s Department of Education. The Lab focuses on rich learning environments to foster children’s development and education, as noted on its website. Parents can enroll children 6 months through kindergarten.

Emily Rafael, a parent whose child attends this program, said, “I can’t praise this program enough. They foster expressing emotions verbally and teach them how to work things out among peers. I highly recommend this program because it gives the children a sense of well-being and proper development.”

According to the program description and fees brochure, parents can enroll children five days a week for $200 to $222 a week. Half-day and morning programs are available from $95 to $160 a week. Prices vary per child’s age.

Additionally, parents must pay general registration fees. “The cost of the [registration fee] is $75 for one child, and if you have a family of two or more children, the cost is $100 per semester in an academic year,” said Sheila Gardunio, administrative assistant at ECE Lab.

Compared to other childcare centers such as Tinker Town Learn & Play Center Inc., which has tuition rates from $50 to $175 a week with additional registration fees, CSN’s childcare rates are reasonable.

When asked how she felt about the pricing at the ECE Lab Kara Sevransky, a parent whose child attends the program, replied, “I think it’s excellent for the high quality of care. Pricing is not an issue or a factor. It’s an awesome program. I highly recommend it.”

Each CSN student who is enrolled in at least six credits per semester will receive a 25 percent discount on his or her child’s tuition. Other discounts are offered based on attendance and payment schedules, according to the program description and fees brochure.

“Unfortunately there is no financial aid or grants available for the program,” said Leslie Hutto, administrative assistant at ECE Lab. “We operate from the tuition fees we collect from the parents.”

Parents are required to fill out an enrollment application to begin the registration process. The program is on a first-come first-serve basis as it is not limited to only CSN students.

“Parents are urged to fill out the application by the summer so their child can start the first month of school,” Hutto said. “The waitlist can get a little lengthy.”

According to the CSN website, siblings of children enrolled will receive priority enrollment. Applicants are placed on a waiting list based on child’s age and date the application was received.

The children learn an array of skills including the following: social-emotional, physical language, early literacy, early math, science, technology, creative arts and expression, health, safety and social studies, Hutto said.

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ECE Lab Cheyenne campus

ECE Lab Cheyenne campus

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