Have a Chat at the International Coffee House

Coffee ImageBy Courtney Nixon

Enjoy a cultural experience each Friday morning at the College of Southern Nevada while practicing foreign languages at the International Coffee House.

Airi Naito, CSN student from Japan who helps run these events, comes to the International Coffee House for language immersion to perfect her English, learn Spanish and Portuguese.

“Last year we had four meetings, so this is not my first time,” Naito says. It is hard for her to make American friends though coming to the Coffee House is a great way to change that.

Approximately 30 people attended the event on Feb. 7. That is an increase from previous gatherings that had 25 people, according to Lester Tanaka, interim director of the International Center at CSN.

“I believe through word of mouth and the collaborative efforts of Tutorial Services, our co-sponsor, we can make this vision a reality,” Tanaka says. Tanaka would like the Coffee House to be full of enthusiastic students with a love for languages.

Additionally it is a great place for international students to make friends, increase confidence and build bridges within the college community. Some people are a bit shy to come out and make new friends, Naito says, but they should.

Maria Giraldo, a Spanish CSN student who attended the February event, said she enjoyed her visit and found it helpful. “It is a very good way to improve my English.”

English-speaking students, who come to the Coffee House, can serve a dual purpose. They can help our international students with English and also enjoy the experience of hearing other languages.

Tanaka came up with the Coffee House idea 19 years ago. It started small and was called Language Islands. The current program has grown due to international students’ commitment to helping other students.

Come to the language-immersion experience each Friday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Charleston campus, lobby of the D building. With a student or employee ID, there is a 10 percent discount for a cup of coffee at Miscelad’oro.

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