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James 1By James Hernandez

For the price of a latte any student can become a member of the College of Southern Nevada’s Sports Center and gain access to an exciting sporting activity: 5 on 5 Intramural Basketball.

“Five dollars for access to a full sports facility is pretty good,” said Andrew Farrar, coordinator and director of the Intramural Sports & Wellness programs at CSN. “Think of it as a city league within the walls of CSN.”

All students and faculty are encouraged to sign up. Farrar hopes that sometime in the near future the program will have enough participants to field teams made-up entirely of CSN staff as well as a separate men, women and co-ed divisions.

Ronnie Thomas, CSN student and player, found that the team-bonding experience was comparable to his time as a high-school varsity basketball player. “The heart and hustle shown by my teammates so far has me looking forward to playing and growing with these guys throughout the season.”

The league offers competition for people of all skill levels and the intramural champions will get the opportunity to play the team from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in the annual Las Vegas Basketball Invitational, Farrar said.

Farrar also mentioned that the school will be sending a select team to California to compete in the National Intramural Recreation Sports Association Tournament against 15 other teams from the western region.

“Getting the opportunity to go on a trip out of state and compete with your teammates against other schools is the coolest part for me,” said Demetrus Crawford, a participant in the basketball program since 2013. “Anything that has to do with basketball, I’m here.”

When it comes to the possible expansion of the program to other CSN campuses Farrar leaves it up to those who want to play ball. “It’s all up to the students. If they voice their opinions and want it bad enough they have the power to get it done.”

For more information contact the CSN Sports Center at (702) 651-4886 or

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