Postcards from Abroad Series Provided Russian Insight

By Alina King College of Southern Nevada’s unique lecture series Postcards from Abroad transported students to Russia on Feb. 13 as a professor shared her memories of growing up in the USSR. Diana Kravchenko, formerly known as Diana Booth, is a CSN Russian language instructor and the event’s key presenter. She spoke about many things […]

Sign up for 5-on-5 Hoops League

By James Hernandez For the price of a latte any student can become a member of the College of Southern Nevada’s Sports Center and gain access to an exciting sporting activity: 5 on 5 Intramural Basketball. “Five dollars for access to a full sports facility is pretty good,” said Andrew Farrar, coordinator and director of […]

Have a Chat at the International Coffee House

By Courtney Nixon Enjoy a cultural experience each Friday morning at the College of Southern Nevada while practicing foreign languages at the International Coffee House. Airi Naito, CSN student from Japan who helps run these events, comes to the International Coffee House for language immersion to perfect her English, learn Spanish and Portuguese. “Last year […]