Bus Provides Cheaper Travel for Students

CSN students taking the bus

By Thomas Shafer

Taking the bus has proven to be an effective way for students to get to school, especially for those without a vehicle.

It’s an affordable option for transportation, but it can take hours to get to CSN, depending on location, and that can be hard for many.

CSN student Max Porsche rides the bus to Cheyenne Campus during the past two years and has nothing but positive things to say about it.

“I save money on car insurance, registration, and gas. It just helps me get to school without having to spend a tremendous amount of money on my travel,” Porsche said.

CSN student Clinton Lizardo loves the bus system. “The bus is easy to ride and it’s much better than walking. A lot of my classmates ask me how hard it must be to take the bus every morning, but for me it’s the best option available. I know it takes longer to get to campus, but I don’t have to worry about my car breaking down, or putting money in the gas tank.”

With the economy being the way it is today, taking the bus is a cheap option for students who want to save money.

The bus schedule is very simple to follow and information on expenses and routes can be found at www.rtcsnv.com.



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