Writing is a Craft Worth Perfecting

By Fabiola Marzano Take advantage of programs offered at the College of Southern Nevada at no additional cost. One program in particular is the writing center. This is a place students can go to perfect their writing skills. The writing center offers tutoring assistance for students to work on: understanding assignment prompts, perfecting the writing […]

Latino Academic Success Forum

  By Chris Moxon College of Southern Nevada Latino students comprise nearly 25 percent of the total school’s population. According to Excelencia in Education, an organization that gathers data and analytics to identify trends, CSN has the nation’s highest graduating rate for Latinos pursuing two-year degrees in science and technology. However, Latino graduating rates are […]

Careers in Communications, Students Inspired at Seminar

By Rodrigo Vazquez Media is more impactful now than ever. The fields of communications and journalism are very competitive and evolving rapidly. Students from the College of Southern Nevada had a unique experience to learn about the fields and hear expert commentary from professionals. The Association of Students in Communication, in collaboration with the department […]

Budding Film Artist Makes ‘Money, Money, Money’

By Alexsis Neuman Imagine spending: $30 an actor, $80 on catering, and $100 on props to make an independent film. College of Southern Nevada’s student Christopher Dunnam did just that for a 14-day shoot for his short film “Money, Money, Money”. “All of the effort is worth it,” Dunnam Said. Independent films are funded through […]

Take Advantage of Scholarships

By Ricardo Torres Students need a lot of money to go through school. Costs of tuitions, fees, and books are high, and scholarships and grants – money awarded for academic success or special talents that does not need to be repaid – can help. The College of Southern Nevada offers scholarship opportunities. Some are funded […]

Art of Eating at Thanksgiving

By Chris Moxon Thanksgiving is a wonderful time for friends and family to enjoy each other’s company as they devour a feast made for kings. There’s a strategy, though, that can be put in place to embellish the day with careful and precise planning. In the morning a person should have a small breakfast. This […]

Short Film Showcase at CSN

College of Southern Nevada

By Alexsis Neuman The College of Southern Nevada launched its first annual Short Film Showcase on October 12. Nine students from the videography and film program showed off their works to a receptive audience. Program Director Robert Benedetto hosted the event. The first showing was Omar Martinez’s “Scarlet”, a no-sync dialogue film. “Scarlet” tells the […]

CSN Police Keep Students Safe

College of Southern Nevada

By Thomas Shafer The College of Southern Nevada’s Police Department strives to keep students safe and secure. CSN police officers are considered “category 1” police officers; this is the highest standard of certification a police officer can obtain in the state of Nevada. The role of CSN’s Police Department according to Chief-of-Police Darryl Caraballo is, […]

Sleep is a Necessity

College of Southern Nevada

By Jordan Helm Sleep deprivation is a problem that many college students face and it can affect academic performance.  Students tend to pull all-nighters not knowing the harmful effects that result. Craig Schwimmer, MD and founder of the Snoring Center, said “Our ability to consolidate memory, conduct critical thinking and process information are all affected […]

Professor MulHolland Changes Lives

By Ricardo Torres He’s quirky, unpredictable, and marches to his own beat every day in the classroom at the College of Southern Nevada. Professor Anthony MulHolland teaches literature, mythology, and English courses, but he does much more than that. He changes the way his students think. MulHolland’s classes follow unscripted themes that change each semester. […]