Budding Film Artist Makes ‘Money, Money, Money’

By Alexsis Neuman

Imagine spending: $30 an actor, $80 on catering, and $100 on props to make an independent film.

College of Southern Nevada’s student Christopher Dunnam did just that for a 14-day shoot for his short film “Money, Money, Money”.

“All of the effort is worth it,” Dunnam Said.

Independent films are funded through the creator or other investors and turn no revenue unless they are awarded money as a winner of a film contest such as the Sundance Film Festival.

Sundance is one of the most influential festivals that launch many film careers as it brings a lot of attention and recognition to indie films. Dunnam aspires to showcase his films at festivals.

“Working with Christopher Dunnam was a great experience. He is a very anal director,” said Andy Garcia, student at CSN who acted in the film. Garcia and the other actors find Dunnam’s style specific and effective.

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