CSN Police Keep Students Safe

College of Southern Nevada

Surveillance on Campus

By Thomas Shafer

The College of Southern Nevada’s Police Department strives to keep students safe and secure.

CSN police officers are considered “category 1” police officers; this is the highest standard of certification a police officer can obtain in the state of Nevada.

The role of CSN’s Police Department according to Chief-of-Police Darryl Caraballo is, “To make CSN the safest college in the country by providing premier police and public safety services through innovation and partnerships with our community.”

“The CSN Police Department strives to be a visible, proactive, and professional police agency, providing excellence in public service to a culturally-diverse community,” Caraballo said.

Unfortunately some tragic events have taken place on other college campuses in the past as seen at Virginia Tech and Texas A&M.

“These unfortunate incidents provide us with information to help us continuously evaluate our own policies and procedures.  We then incorporate what we learned into our training programs so we can be better prepared and more effective in responding to such an event if it should ever occur at a CSN campus,” Caraballo said.

CSN student Katy Glorioso said she feels safe on our campuses. “I feel like [the police] are everywhere, whether it’s when I’m coming out of the parking lot or walking to class. There are a lot of signs for what to do in emergencies. I never feel scared no matter what campus I am on.”

The role of our officers is to, “Provide for the safety and security of the students, staff, faculty and visitors on our campuses,” Caraballo said.


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