Short Film Showcase at CSN

College of Southern Nevada

Poster for the first annual short-film showcase

By Alexsis Neuman

The College of Southern Nevada launched its first annual Short Film Showcase on October 12. Nine students from the videography and film program showed off their works to a receptive audience.

Program Director Robert Benedetto hosted the event.

The first showing was Omar Martinez’s “Scarlet”, a no-sync dialogue film. “Scarlet” tells the tale of a scorned Russian beauty out for revenge against criminals who have wronged her.

A documentary by Aaron Felske “In the Gym” showcased the lifestyle of up-and-coming star gymnast 11 year old Nikita Bolotsky. It outlined the dedication required to have success in the competitive world of professional gymnastics.

“The Stair Down” is a comedy by Bryson Seastrand, who also stared in the film. His wheelchair-bound character faces his toughest enemy: the stairs.

Louiie Victa, CSN student and creator of the documentary “Cut the Fat”, wrote about two chefs who compete to lose weight in a month for money. The audience laughed boisterously throughout this flick.

“The Bear” by Spike Kitral, who also stared in the comedy, is about a boy who after promising to house-sit for a friend gets more than he bargained for.

Rosalia Barbosa created the touching documentary “Legacy” that tells the story of an admired Pastor from her local church.

“A Very Special Christmas Special” directed by Justin Gottman was about a girl who can’t seem to find the Christmas spirit. She runs into a wise-cracking puppet called “Santa” who shows her that in times of despair all people need is love.

Tony Mendoza’s “Eye for an Eye” is based on real events. The dramatic comedy tells the story of Tony’s character that takes revenge on a neighborhood dog on the loose that kills his cat.

The final showing was Patrick Wirtz’s “The Map Maker”.  This movie is a coming-of-age story about a boy who goes in search for the meaning of life. He discovers that we are each our own mapmaker; we are in charge of our own destinies. This movie was dedicated to Wirtz’s father.

“Film is very collaborative. Don’t go in with the script being your bible. Help is important. Listen to your crew…be firm but be open to suggestion,” said Spike Kitral, director and star of “The Bear”.

Overall the event had a large turnout. Each film showcased CSN’s videography students and how the program has assisted them in expanding their talents.

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