Clinton Leading in Student Poll

By Percy Hinton Recent poll of 100 College of Southern Nevada students shows Hillary Clinton is the students’ choice for president. In October an informal poll was conducted with two simple questions: In the presidential election who will you vote for and why. When the numbers were tallied, Hillary Clinton had 38 votes, Ben Carson […]

Student Films Showcase Professional Level on Big Screen

By Karla Spann Fourth Annual Short-Film Showcase held at College of Southern Nevada’s Cheyenne campus featured films by CSN students. Eleven films were shown that covered many topics. Some serious tones were struck with a film by Jeremy Hernandez and Tyler Stefanelli’s “O.N.A.” This film was a story about a woman who lives with optic […]

Congressman Cresent Hardy at Hispanic-Heritage Summit

By Ariel T. Rodriguez College of Southern Nevada’s annual Hispanic-Heritage Summit was hosted by Republican Congressman Cresent Hardy. The summit’s purpose was to commemorate Hispanic-Heritage Month by promoting education and raising awareness of opportunity and success for students. “My hope is that everyone here finds something of use to strengthen their lives,” said Hardy, Nevada’s […]