Clinton Leading in Student Poll

By Percy Hinton

Recent poll of 100 College of Southern Nevada students shows Hillary Clinton is the students’ choice for president.

In October an informal poll was conducted with two simple questions: In the presidential election who will you vote for and why.

78When the numbers were tallied, Hillary Clinton had 38 votes, Ben Carson had 20, Bernie Sanders had 18, Donald Trump had 12, Jeb Bush had eight and Martin O’Malley had four.

“I think Hillary Clinton will win because I know she would be able to create new jobs for people and make the economy good again,” said Terrence Burtley, CSN student that was polled.

“I think the person that will win would be Hillary Clinton…because she will keep Obama’s agenda alive but in all reality anyone that gets elected will keep the dynasty going,” said Kurthland Alcaraz, CSN student.

“I believe Hillary Clinton [will win] because people know if she is elected president that she will be a big help for the low-income community and President Obama is going to stand behind her in the race next year,” said Dennis Killingsworth, CSN student.

On the Republican ticket students were in favor of Carson, Trump and Bush.

“I have a feeling that Donald Trump will win because he has the resources and he knows how to make money,” said Chris Mitchell, CSN student. “He could possibly get America out of debt.”

“I believe Jeb Bush would win because I think he has what it takes to move our country forward,” said Vanessa Herrera, CSN student.

The next Republican debate is on Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2015 and the next Democratic debate is on Saturday, Nov. 14, 2015.


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