Student Films Showcase Professional Level on Big Screen

Phillip Hawkins, Daniel Barahona, Ryder Page, Deborah Richards, Kyle Anderson and Jacob Borja, photo courtesy of Mark Olson

Phillip Hawkins, Daniel Barahona, Ryder Page, Deborah Richards, Kyle Anderson and Jacob Borja, photo courtesy of Mark Olson

By Karla Spann

Fourth Annual Short-Film Showcase held at College of Southern Nevada’s Cheyenne campus featured films by CSN students.

Eleven films were shown that covered many topics.

Some serious tones were struck with a film by Jeremy Hernandez and Tyler Stefanelli’s “O.N.A.” This film was a story about a woman who lives with optic nerve atrophy that involves nerve damage to the eyes that affects vision resulting in blindness. Her daughter had ONA too though they lived their daily lives normally without allowing the condition to constrain them.

Light-hearted films such as Carlos Goetz’s “Mystery Museum” had an entertaining plot line. The main character goes into an empty museum where there are hats and every time he puts on a different one, such as a war-time helmet, he is transported into that time.

“Two of our filmmakers were nominated for six Student Production Emmy Awards and won five Emmy Awards,” said John Aliano, program director of videography who created the showcase. “This is a tremendous accomplishment and rare for any film school, two- or four-year institutions.”

CSN student Kyle Anderson’s film “Roswell’s Secret” was featured at the event. “The showcase started my first year at CSN so it has always been a goal to try and obtain. I am very proud that I was able to produce a film that was deemed worthy of being shown at the showcase my last semester here at CSN.”

“Roswell’s Secret” was nominated for a Student Production Emmy Award in the student crafting category. Anderson won a student Emmy for co-writing on another film called “Boy Meets Girl.”

John Aliano

John Aliano

Four years ago Aliano wanted to find a way to honor the students studying videography and film and simultaneously showcase their talents to the community.

The showcase has grown in wonderful ways. It is now a packed showing with quality films, Aliano said. The students and audience, including media, come to take part. Senator Harry Reid’s office provided certificates for all the award winners.

“This was my first time at the event,” said Brett Eaves, CSN student who saw the showcase. “I thought it was amazing. CSN’s student film makers really exceeded my expectations. Sound, effects and cinematography were all on point.”

“The films themselves showcase the professional quality our video students produce,” said Randy Becker, professor of photography.

“The showcase gives our community a great opportunity to see one of the many fantastic programs at CSN,” said Charlene S. Gibson, CSN instructor who attended the event. “When students are able to showcase works of any kind through their higher-education experiences, they open doors to future projects and opportunities to pursue their passions.”



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